• Naval Engineers Journal subscription
  • Technical meetings and symposia
  • Opportunity to publish technical papers and monographs
  • Section affiliation included with membership
  • Local Section meetings, programs, tours, and activities
  • Professional networking
  • Opportunities for direct participation on committees
  • Technical library at ASNE headquarters
  • Video tape library at ASNE headquarters
  • ASNE Day and Regional Symposia exhibits provide access to state of the art technologies
  • Liaison with other professional engineering Societies
  • Continuing education
  • Achievement awards program
  • Sponsoring University Student Chapters
  • Scholarship program
  • Algebra mentoring Program
  • Participation in Science Fairs
  • Membership directory
  • ASNE emblematics
  • VISA credit card program
  • Information Technology
  • Group insurance plans
  • Book Reviews


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