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    • 11 Jun 2022
    • 12 Jun 2022
    • Town Point Park, Norfolk VA

    The Setting:  

    Harborfest is Norfolk’s largest annual festival and it is kicking off the summer season June 10-12, 2022, celebrating the area’s great maritime heritage.  Town Point Park and the Elizabeth River will be alive with festival food & drink, live music, tall sailing ships, arts and crafts, fireworks, nautical-themed activities, and a fun-seeking audience that loves to interact with our boat builders.  

    Best yet, the ASNE-Sika Ultimate Build-A-Boat Challenge will be showcased June 11-12, 2022 as we celebrate the 26th Anniversary of this great event!  

    Check out this video from 2017... Build-A-Boat Video


    There is no entry fee for the teams, but personal donations to help cover the cost for this event, and support the ASNE mission, are encouraged and greatly appreciated. Donations are tax deductible.  Donation Form


    Corporate sponsorships are greatly appreciated!  Please complete the Sponsorship Form. Sponsorship Form

    The Challenge:

    This competition combines creativity, craftsmanship and boat handling skills in a unique event that is both challenging and entertaining. Below are the event details.  Please also see 2022 Guidance for Boatbuilders for detailed instructions.

    • IT’S FREE… no entry fee for participants.  The American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) and Sika Corp  are the Event Sponsors.

    • Construction material kits are predefined and provided to teams at no cost.

    • Space is limited.  Twenty-five (25) two-person teams will be accepted, on a first-come basis.

    • Teams submit application early to secure a spot, and later submit their design 2 weeks in advance.

    • Bring your own power tools, hand tools, a smile, family and friends and a great attitude.

    • The building & outfitting phases take place on Saturday.  Arrive by 8:30 am, finish around 5:00 pm. Stay for the evening concerts and fireworks if you can… it’s a blast.

    • Races (3 heats) take place on Sunday.  Plan to arrive at 1:00 pm for a catered lunch and finish around 5:00.

    • Awards will be presented for Best Design, Fastest Built, Race Results 1st – 3rd Place, Most Whimsical, and Fan Favorite. We reserve the right to create other categories as we feel inspired.

    • Prizes include Sikaflex Trophies, commemorative medals, bling and power tools!

    • Building time is limited to 4 hours (but we do not enforce this. It’s a guideline… just be safe!).

    • Painting the boat is critical to ensure structural integrity during the water-born portion of the event. And beyond a basic coat of paint, creative decorating (outfitting) is absolutely encouraged.  Decorating can start immediately upon completion of the boat construction. Families, friends and supporters are welcome to help decorate after your power tools are safely put away.

    Community Impact:

    The American Society of Naval Engineers will commit 100% of net proceeds to funding the mission areas of ASNE, including engineering scholarships and STEM programs.

    For ASNE this is not JUST fun, but also a community outreach and education program.

    We promote awareness of naval engineering, shipbuilding and ship repair professions that are the life blood of the Tidewater region.

    Teams and Volunteers are encouraged to stop and interact with the crowd at every opportunity.

    Build-A-Boat 2022 Flyer.pdf

    Event Details_Team Entry Application_Donation and Sponsorship Form_2022.docx


    For more information, contact Mike D'Amato at michael.damato@hii-tsd.com.

    • 15 Jun 2022
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (EDT)
    • Topgolf, 5444 Greenwich Rd Virginia Beach
    • 18

    ASNE TW Topgolf Social


    When: Wednesday, 15 June 2022

    5:30 PM - 7:30 PM 

    Location:   Topgolf Virginia Beach, 5444 Greenwich Road, Virginia Beach

    Cost:          $35.00 per person ($15.00 for students)


    Price includes a light buffet and 2 hours of golf.  Come and play golf, mingle and have a great time!

    Please register by noon June 8.

    ASNE TW Social at Topgolf

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