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ASNE Members Tour the Virginia Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center at ODU

6 Feb 2020 4:51 PM | Andrea McCusker (Administrator)

From flight simulation, digital senses immersion, a look into the deep past, diving into a bulkhead on an aircraft carrier, and experiencing the echolocation of a bat in a first-person view, ASNE Tidewater members and friends visited multiple simulation labs at ODU’s Virginia Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center in Suffolk. Guests learned about various research projects happening throughout ODU-VMASC and were able to experience first-hand some of the virtual reality simulations! As an entity of ODU’s modeling and simulation pipeline, VMASC is grounded in the utilitarian principle of improving the human condition and mankind’s understanding of the word through innovation and transdisciplinary research and development. Senior Project Scientist and Lab Director Hector Garcia explained various ways researchers at VMASC use models, simulations, and visualizations to help create/formulate answers to complex problems, design experiments, analyze data, and interpret results. Guests also visited and learned about ODU-VMASC’s Digital Shipbuilding program from Program Manager, Joe Kosteczko, and Curriculum Coordinator, Jessica Johnson. In the Digital Shipbuilding Lab, guests learned about innovative practices to enhance workforce development, STEM curriculum K-12, and research/development within the maritime industry through an engineering design challenge with virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D modeling. ODU-VMASC’s Digital Shipbuilding team are proud members of the ASNE Tidewater chapter.


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